• Annual Reports, Data Sheets, Registrations

    Business Registration Management

    We organize, track, and report on your entities in all 50 states and thousands of jurisdictions.

    Docket Team works with government agencies, insurance brokers, registered agents, and payroll providers to ensure your company is licensed and prepared to operate in all jurisdictions. We offer a range of services to your company's legal, financial, human resources departments, including:

    • Annual Reports
    • Business Entity Filing and Maintenance
    • Payroll and State Unemployment Insurance Filing
    • Tax Abatements
    • Business Licensing
    • State and County Agency Notifications Response
    • Contract Audit Notifications
  • M&A On The Horizon?

    Legal Project Management

    Docket Teams services the entire M&A transaction, acting as home base for the team. Investers, Brokers, Attorneys, and Entrepreneurs trust our team to manage the project. Our services include:

    • Contract Review
    • Disclosure Statements
    • Due Diligence
    • Schedule Management
    • Docket and Virtual Data Room Management
    • Project and Team Management
  • Experienced Contract Specialists

    Contract Administration

    Docket Team helps corporations manage the entire lifecycle of the contract. Our services include:

    • Vendor Agreement Review
    • Audit Compliance Management
    • Tracking Terms & Conditions, Renewal, Cancelation
    • Contract Template Library
    • Government Audit Administration
  • We Know Trademarks!

    Trademark Governance

    We manage the trademark process, paperwork and schedule for corporations. Our services include:

    • New Trademart Application and Filing
    • Registration and Maintenance
    • Clearance and Conflict Searches
    • Processing and Prosecution
    • Patent Maintenance Filings

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Our Experience

Docket Team offers a wide range of corporate governance, compliance, registration, and reporting services.

  • Corporate and M&A
  • Insurance Procurement and Complience
  • Trademark Registration
  • M&A Docket Management
  • Abatement & Agency Notices
  • Due Diligence
  • Virtual Data Room Management
  • Disclosure Statements
  • Anual Reports
  • State Entity Registration
  • Filing Fee Payments
  • Data Sheets

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